3 things you will need for a perfect opening night

Planning a theatrical production can be challenging, but with some forward thinking and great resources, your opening night can be a smash hit. One of the most complicated aspects of theater is tech. Here are some things to think about when deciding what kind of show technology you need.

What you need:

1. Sound Equipment You and your young actors work hard to learn lines and songs, and they need to be heard. In most situations, you will need to find the right sound system and microphones for your show. If your theater already has some sound equipment installed, you can often supplement it with additional pieces of equipment. If your theater does not have a permanently installed equipment, you may need to set up a full sound system.

2. Lighting Equipment When the house lights turn off, you will want to have great stage lighting take over as your play begins. Some theaters have some lighting built in, which you can supplement with additional rental lighting fixtures to achieve the perfect look. If your theater does not have permanently installed lighting equipment, you will need to rent and set up a lighting configuration of your own.

3. Theater Technicians Whether your theater is fully equipped, or needs a complete sound system and lighting setup brought in, you will need knowledgeable people to set up, configure, and operate the sound and lighting systems.

There is a lot to consider when planning the use of technology in theater. Take time to consider your options for sound, lighting, and technical services, and consult a specialist for help deciding what the most cost effective solutions are for buying equipment, renting equipment, and utilizing the equipment you or your school already owns.

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