Red Carpet Stanchions

Red Carpet Events

We at Zeo Brothers have all the equipment you need to host an amazing red carpet event, whether it be a grand opening, prom, movie screening, bar or bat mitzvah, or any party!  Here are some ideas to help bring that Hollywood atmosphere to your red carpet event!

Red Carpet

Certainly the first item you need for your event is a red carpet.  We stock 25′ long x 4′ wide Red Carpet Runners, which rent for $50.

Search Lights

Have you see the lights that shoot up into the sky and sweep around to attract attention to a movie premier or restaurant grand opening?  They normally sit on a trailer, have a generator, and are costly.  We have a compact version of these which are able to run off a regular power outlet, and fit in the back of an SUV.  Take a look at the Novalight 110V Single, and rent two of them to create that crossing-beam pattern.

Stanchion & Rope

Stanchion & Rope are a classy way to direct people to where they need to be.  We stock two styles: First, the Brushed Steel Stanchion, which can be used with a Red Velvet Rope.  Second, the black Tensa/Retractable Belt style, often seen in movie theater lobbies.

Step & Repeat

Photo ops are always popular at events.  When you have a backdrop with lighting specifically for photos & interviews, this is known as a Step & Repeat.  We can provide all the hardware you need to setup a backdrop (typically 8’x8′, but a variety of sizes are possible) as well as an Arri Lighting Kit to give your event professionally lit photos & video.

Step & Repeat


Gobos are simply an image or text in light.  Breakup patterns are often used at red carpet events, or a custom gobo with a name or logo.  We have breakup pattern & geometric shape gobos in stock which rent for $5 a piece (to be used with our kit including an LED light fixture, stand and power cord.  Roscoe, a gobo manufacturer, has an has an online designer available.  This will allow you to create an image file to send to us, and we will order the custom gobo to have it ready for your event.  They will generally cost from $150-$300, depending on the design.

Red Carpet Gobo


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