Wedding Lighting DIY or Full-Service

Imagine your wedding with just the right look, sound, and feel.  At Zeo Brothers, we have the technology to create the perfect atmosphere.


An easy and popular way to give your venue more depth and color is LED Uplights.  These lighting fixtures can be placed around a room by walls or columns to illuminate the architecture in the color(s) of your choosing.  They can also be programmed to slowly transition through a variety of colors to create a consistently changing look.  Here are some options we have available to rent:


American DJ Hex Par: This is a small, compact fixture which rents for only $12 each, making it affordable to add many lights to your venue.


American DJ Flat Par: This bigger brother to the Hex Par is more powerful for a higher light output and brighter colors, and rent for $20 each.

Battery Powered/Wireless

The Chauvet WellFit is a sleek, compact battery-powered fixture with wireless control capability as well, meaning you can place it anywhere without having to worry about finding outlets or creating a trip hazard with wires.  In addition, the WellFit is rated for outdoor use, so they can be placed outside to illuminate architectural features, even in bad weather!   They come in cases of 6 for easy transport and charging, and rent for $45/fixture.

Gobo Projection

Another popular idea is to have gobo projection.  A gobo simply shows an image in light.  This can be names or initials, shapes, images, or almost anything you can imagine, from white light to full-color.

We offer a kit including an LED light fixture, stand and power cord, which rents for $75.

What you see on the tent in the images below is what is known as a Breakup Pattern.  We have a variety of stock gobo designs such as this.  The gobo itself rents for $5 a piece to be added to the kit above.

Wedding breakup patternGobo Flowers

Custom Gobos

A company who manufacturers gobos, Roscoe, has an online designer available.  Once you have created your own design, you can hand the file to us, and we will order the gobo so that it is ready to go for your rental.  A custom gobo will generally cost from $150-$300, depending on the design.

Wedding Lighting

Stage & Dance Floor Lighting

Are you hiring a band to host your reception?  DJs generally bring their own dance floor lighting, but bands may or may not.  We stock a large variety of dance floor and stage lighting to illuminate your musicians and create a party on the dance floor when it’s time to celebrate.  Contact us and we would be happy to build a package for you.

At Zeo Brothers, we are able to provide any of this lighting to you full-service as well.  Contact Us for a quote!

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