New Equipment Available: Tyler GT Plus

We are excited to announce a brand new product available for rental, a product that will make lighting convenient, less time-consuming, and save you plenty of money. The Zeo Group now stocks the Tyler GT Plus 14×24 Long Leg, which allows you to pre-rig your lights and save you the stress of dealing with all the set-up at your next performance venue.

Tyler GT Plus differentiates itself from other truss models by being a Spigot-type truss. These indexable spigots allow for swift changes on-site, change from horizontal to vertical, and vice versa with a simple adjustment. It’s incredible how streamlined everything is with this Truss; we guarantee time saved.

This truss also saves space, thanks to its compact leg cart and the ability to set up all your lighting and cables on the truss; no need to worry about cases when loading. Each piece includes removable wheels for swift load-ins and load-outs for your team, saving time and labor. 

Our team recently utilized the Tyler GT Plus at the Atlantic City Comedy Festival to achieve incredible results. They could easily set up the lighting for the staging and illuminate the performers effortlessly. The extra time saved enabled the crew to put more effort and care into staging and sound quality; the staff and performers immensely appreciated this.

The usefulness of the Tyler GT Plus extends beyond Comedy shows and into concerts, corporate events, festivals, and more. We will certainly be bringing along more of these devices to future productions.

The Zeo Group currently stocks the 8ft. tall version of Tyler GT Plus, though we hope to add the 5’ and 10’ leg lengths to our arsenal soon; rental Rates are $150/Day. We are confident the Tyler GT Plus will be crucial at your next event, such as an upcoming performance, corporate event, or festival.

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