ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramp System for 48″ tall stage

$650.00/day - $650.00/week

ADA Compliant Wheelchair Ramp System for a 48″ tall stage, which must be 48′ long + a mid-point landing.


Package Includes:

  • 4×4′ Floor starter plate
  • 2x 4×4 Stage Decks
  • 6x 4×8′ Stage Decks
  • 4x 4′ Handrails
  • 12x 8′ Handrails
  • Leg Set at varying heights to achieve angle
  • Shims/wood pads for floor protection/leveling

A landing is required on a ramp over 30′ long.  This package includes the hardware for a 4×4′ landing.  Please contact us for an estimate including delivery & setup.  Custom configurations are also available.

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