CARVIN Stagemate S600B (battery powered speaker)

$75.00/day - $225.00/week

Compact, battery powered/self-powered speaker with built-in mixer

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Product Description

The S600B StageMate™ is designed as a complete grab-and-go PA system using advanced speaker array technology. The smooth, linear sound carries far distances without the need for excessive volume close to the speaker. The coverage is up to twice that of conventional cabinets, and with less feedback.
For more demanding live and dance music, connect the Line Out XLR to powered subwoofers or connect directly to the house PA system.
The S600B has the option to run on it’s internal rechargeable 12V battery allowing it to be used in remote locations as well as mobile applications.
The 6-channel mixer is capable of receiving up to 11 different sources simultaneously. A variety of inputs includes Bluetooth® connectivity for audio playback, four XLR microphone inputs, high-impedance instrument inputs, stereo line input, 1/8” input for portable devices, and an optional UHF wireless mic/ or instrument receiver, which plugs directly into the accessory bay. Built in Echo, Reverb, and Chorus with Reverb effects add extra dimension to live performances.

Output Power: 2x 200W @ 4 Ohms total, Int. speaker power 150W @ 8 Ohms
Frequency Response: 60Hz-18kHz
Speaker Configuration: four 3.5”MF/HF, 8” Neodymium LF, 8 Ohms/200W
Sensitivity: 93dB 1W/1M, 90dB 1W/2M, max SPL 118dB @ 300W pk. (int.)
Coverage: Horizontal: 110 deg. Vertical: 40 deg.
Enclosure:    Russian Baltic Birch
Finish:    Black Duratec™ coating
Grill:    Black powder coated steel
Input Impedance: 1/4” (Ch.1&2): 100K Ohms or Hi-Z switch: 500K Ohms
XLR: 2.2K Ohms, Stereo Inputs (Ch.5&6): 22K Ohms
Gain switch: +20dB (Ch. 1-4)
Phantom Power: +48V, switchable for Mics 3&4
Tone Controls: HI: 8.5kHz, +/-12dB
MID: 800Hz, +/-12dB
LOW: 70Hz, +/-12dB
Direct Out: Variable OFF to +4dBu, DC isolated, 100 Ohm gnd lift
DSP Effects:  Variable settings for Delay, Reverb, Chorus
Protection:  speaker, thermal, over current, under voltage
Power Amp topology:  Class D
Power Supply topology:  High frequency switch mode
AC Power Requirements: 90 to 250VAC 50/60 Hz, 100VA
DC Battery Charge Input : 12-15VDC, 2A (car battery voltage with C12VDC cord)
Dimensions:   9.7”W x 11.5”D x17.25”H (246 x 292 x 438mm)
Mounting/Transport: top and bottom pole cups, integrated handle
Weight : 25.5 lbs. (11.6 kgs)