Peavey USB-P USB Audio Interface (used)


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Peavey USB-P USB Playback Audio Device
The Peavey USB-P fills the need when you need to run stereo audio from a computer into a sound system. Connecting a computer to a sound system is often a challenge. Ground loops are often a problem when connecting computer audio to a sound system. The problem gets worse if there is a projector connected to the computer. The USB-P works well whether the computer is located near the console or on stage.
As the name implies, the USB-P connects to the USB port of the computer and appears as a stereo output device. Depending on your computer operating system, you may need to select the USB audio device for output on the program you are using. The dual transformers in the USB-P provide the balanced outputs and ground isolation required when interfacing a computer to a sound system. Peavey item 03001370.
Connections and controls: • USB B type connector • Left and right XLR outputs • Stereo/Mono switch.

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