Roland V1-SDI HDMI/HD-SDI Video Switcher

$120.00/day - $360.00/week


The Roland V1-SDI is a 4-input compact video/audio swticher packed full of features. It has
2x 3G-SDI inputs
1x Switchable HDMI or 3G-SDI
1x HDMI wtih scaling

3G-SDI output, and an HDMI Multi-view.
Use with out Blackmagic SDI-HDMI converters to have reliable HD video signal over a long run, which you can not do with HDMI alone.

Compact, comprehensive, and ready to interface with professional SDI-equipped video gear, Roland’s V-1SDI video switcher combines four channels of video mixing with all the compositing modes, transitions, audio mixing, and I/O you could ask for. Extensive and flexible I/O includes SDI, which supports professional video equipment and long cable runs, as well as HDMI. Both an integrated HDMI scaler and a 2-mode SDI output (PGM/PST) provide ample system integration flexibility. On top of that, you can add an HDMI screen for quad-source monitoring, a laptop running remote control software, and even an RS-232 controller, making the V-1SDI an ideal hub for your video rig.

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