The Importance of Lighting

When it comes to the atmosphere of your event, party, or ceremony, you want to evoke a certain feeling on your guests. Lighting is one of the best ways to accomplish this, and it is essential when creating an ambiance. The way you light your event can portray an atmosphere of playfulness, warmth, drama, or romance.


Lighting can take a regular hotel ballroom and entirely change the ambiance. Some lights can even change as the night progresses! (For example, how fun would it be to have a dinner hour in purple lighting and then change to a bright magenta or orange to start the dancing!?)

Uplighting your event with a bright color is a great way to distinguish between different parts of an event. For instance, if a couple’s wedding ceremony is full of monochromatic whites and creams, the same concept can carry over to the reception but with a fun twist of color added on the walls. Brightly lit walls add that touch of “wow factor” that can still be up-scale and luxurious.

Lighting is also a great method to bring attention to your focal points like the dance floor, cake, or a main table. Lighting doesn’t have to be bright and colorful to make a statement. It can be as simple as a spotlight or a collection of candles on a table. Soft candlelight is perfect for a romantic event or dinner party.

Dealing with a plain white wall or a boring dance floor area? A great fix for this is through the projection of a monogram or “gobo”. For those of you who don’t know, a gobo is basically a stencil placed in front of a light that projects a picture. They can project a pattern or a quote onto the dance floor. Lighting like this makes a beautiful piece of artwork and a show stopping impression.

World renowned wedding and event designer Colin Cowie once said “The saying ‘it’s all about the lighting’ is 100% true.” When planning your event, make sure you give your lighting quite a bit of thought, and Zeo Brothers can make your lighting vision a reality.

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