Backyard Movie Nights by Zeo Brothers

Wednesday, June 21st is the first full day of summer 2018

Are you ready for the longer days and warmer nights? Then there’s no better way to get your summer off to the right start than by hosting your own backyard movie night!


Summer is the ideal season for backyard viewings

Everyone is looking for fun things to do. Your house might become the most popular place on your block once you start inviting friends over for summer movie nights. Temperatures are mild enough to enjoy combining the outdoors with the indoor experience of the cinema.

Summer movie nights are fun for the whole family

  • Sporting events
  • Kids sleep overs
  • Family reunions
  • Neighborhood block parties
  • Pool parties
  • Birthdays
  • More ideas…

Zeo Brothers Movie Night Package

Zeo Brothers offers the choice of two different do-it-yourself movie night kits and four different full-service packages. Included are the blow up movie screen (available in a variety of sizes), DVD player, projector, sound system, and choice of DVD from our selection. These packages are all available at competitive prices. 

But what about those longer days?

It’s true that you may have to start your movie watching a bit later in the evening during the summer months. Since projector systems require a reasonably dark ambience for an optimal image. Furthermore there numerous online sunset/sunrise calculators and other data sources you can use, including your local newspaper or weather channel. There’s no excuse not to give your family and friends the sheer fun of the backyard theater experience this summer.

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