Tips for DIY (Do It Yourself) Events

At Zeo Brothers, we want to see your event run smoothly.  Here are a few things to think about for the DIY event technician:

While we do our absolute best to make our equipment easy to set up and operate, it doesn’t come naturally to most people.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to give yourself plenty of time to set up the equipment you are renting.
We can’t tell you how many panicked phone calls we get because a customer is rushing and gets overwhelmed.
 A little extra time goes a long way to help you think through the process of setting up and testing the equipment.
When trying to place an order, there are a few important things to remember.
Placement, where are the lights in relation to the power outlets?
How far from the mixer will you need to place the speakers?
The right cable length makes a big difference. Do you need extension cords?
Do your best to picture how you want to set up the equipment at your event.
Always place speakers at head height. Your knees don’t have ears.
Place the speakers in front of the mic facing the audience to avoid feedback.
Feed back is the sound cycling through the speakers and back through the mic, hence the term  “feed back”.
Check to make sure to have everything you need before leaving our shop to avoid any unnecessary trips for more cables, stands, etc.
We can provide you with a step by step set up sheet or you can take pictures when our staff is explaining the set up to you.
You can’t always rely on the ” guy who knows about computer stuff” to know how to get the equipment up and running. We’re here to help.
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